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27 october

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Since Moa is chillin on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, I am all alone in Sweden (IT SNOWED! IT FRIKKIN SNOWED YESTERDAY) staring at our to-do list and trying not to fall asleep as the sun is starting to set (time now is 16:20). I've at least fixed one of the problems with chapter 2 and tomorrow I'm meeting up with my sister to do some research about psychiatry (why do I create such unnecessary complex characters?). Also, I’m designing the goddam mansion (I can’t believe Moa trusted me with this). And also the luxurious ski-lodge. Me – who doesn’t even draw backgrounds because of some disconnection in my brain about the understanding of perspective.



I’ve also found some new  cool songs for the soundtrack (thank you 4chan) that I yet haven’t looked up on Spotify though. Unfortunately I can’t update the playlist right now since it’s on Moas user so you’ll have to wait until she get home (I expect presents!).


Gah!  I’m already distracted (no more 4chan, I promise!). Well, now I have to draw Richie and  Ninas apartment before I will take a break that will last for the rest of the evening.



Don't forget the spotify list !

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We're constantly updating it, so if you're up for some awesome music, you know where to look.

21 October

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Floorchart of scene 31: The meeting (chapter 2)

Just a little treat. We feel generous today<3

20 October

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Trying to upload a logo for the blog but it akjfbakhjfvhkg<aesdmafjvfhensvfjehsbeavKAJBFHAEBFAKHBEFHEBE!!!!!!
fuck you internet.
Except the logo hickup, we've been somewhat productive this weekend. We've decided on a design/layout for the ski lodge in chapter 3 (the main location in that chapter), the design/layout for Jamie Hernandez apartment and we've also written a lot on the last scene in chapter 2, which is really the major scene in that chapter. We figure it's gonna take up about a third of the chapter and it includes a lot of important dialogues that we just need to get right. 
Since Moa is going to Tobago this wednesday and will be gone a little over two weeks we've also done individual to-do lists containing the work we're suppose to finish while we're apart, which ranges between finishing design/layout for the remaining characters homes and some key locations, finishing the map over North Haven city and finish writing scenes in chapter 2 and 1.
P.S. Moa just farted with her mouth! Ahahaha I'm not the only one! D.S.

13 october

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Doing a hardcore writing session this weekend and so far it feels super good. We've had this bump in the story that has kind of disrupted the whole thing and we haven't really come up with a good way around it...UNTIL NOW! And it feels awesome! It's such a weight off our shoulders mentally, and we can now continue the story. The bump was in the beginning of chapter two and it kept us from progressing in a good way, which was really frustrating. But now that it's gone I feel comfortable that we can make a lot of new progress this week.
It's funny how you can sense when something's wrong (read: this shit's awful, why did I ever write this?) when you're writing it. And lucky I guess. Wouldn't want to produce a graphic novel that's shitty, but I sincerely trust that all our lovely friends will tell us that beforehand should that be the case (yes guys, we're really trusting you on this one).
We've also compiled a list of everything major we've changed in the comic so far, major and funny that is. We thought it would be fun to read when we finish this project. I am completely sure that there will be a lot of 'Ok...WHAT were we thinking?' moments, haha. It's gonna be epic.
Oh, and also...Lotta farted with her mouth today. That was...weird and unexpected. She was totally proud (please understand what I have to deal with...)
Lotta thinks she's clever. Very clever