16 april


Wow, I didn't see Moas lame joke until now. Good one, Moa… I think I’ll write the funny segments in the comic from now on.

Anyway! We’re still working even though we’re pretty busy all the time till may (at least me). And that I’m totally obsessed with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon just isn’t helping (but seriously, check it out! It’s aaaawesome!)


Here’s an old picture of our blu-tack that looked like a chameleon.


Right? Right? We’re not the only ones!


Our script also contains more than 30 000 letters!


And that’s just chapter 1-3.


Seriously, where will this end?

We will also divide chapter 2 into two separate chapters, it’s just too long. We’ll probably have to do this with more parts of the story later on.

We have also (after many months of thinking) decided on a new name for the comic! It wasn’t obvious but we have let it sink in and now it fits! We’ll see if we can get a proper website and logo soon (Moa and Mathias are in the middle of moving to a new place),


A while ago we both made a pink dip-and-dye, it was awesome.



Nowadays Moas hair’s back to her natural color while I let the pink totally take over.



1 April


So, we decided that the superhero idea sucks and we're totally gonna quit it. Instead we came up with this great idea where a dinosaur-murder-bunny tries to take over the world, using only candy canes and bad jokes.
Okay, probably the lamest april fools day joke ever, but hey, at least I'm trying!
Let's move on to more serious things! Easter has been great! We both visited our families and had a good time...AND got some writing done because we're dedicated and awesome. The rewrites in chapter 2 are almost done and chapter 3 is coming together nicely. Soon, feedback-readers, soon....

24 Mars


Soooooooooo a lot of stuff has happened!
My mom turned 50 so we all went to austria and skiied (an occupation I find very similar to jumping off cliffs or throwing oneself in front of trains, because they make me feel kind of the same way...yes I jump in front of trains all the time. It's just a hobby of mine.) Anyway, I survived to write another day, so I guess in the end it's all well and good. ALSO, I myself turned 23, or as lotta would put it: I am now one step closer to death (she is such a charmer).
My point is, there really hasn't been much time for writing. Lotta has been making some progress and I crammed in some writing at the hotel in Filzmoos, Austria, but basically, we just haven't gotten that far these past weeks. But that's gonna change now. I am older, and therefore wiser, and we just finished the final outline for chapter 3, and started on the outline for chapter 4. We also conjured up a new direction for chapter 4 which we are very pleased with. 
Bottom line: things are progressing.
We also realized today that this is the longest creative project we have ever been working on (in our free time), we are pushing into our second year, and to be frank, I myself find this fact utterly amazing. We'll make it to the finish line, buddy! I just know it :)
Peace out
OH! And don't forget the spotify list! It's coming together nicely!

24 February


So today we have been incorporating the latest feedback and rewriting the outline of chapter 2: strangers. We are very pleased with the result. We've overcome certain obstacles that seemed impossible, so, we are extremely proud of ourselves. We deserve cookies.
We have also discussed chapter 3 and added some stuff to the outline. And ofcourse we have written new to-do lists. Oh and by the way, we are sorry for not updating the blog these last weeks. I have been battling Reapers and saving the galaxy (damn you Bioware!), and Lotta is helpless without my firm guidance.
We also watched melodifestivalen (swedish eurovision etcetc) because Lotta likes that shit.

The latest fabulous outline
Lotta is sick and feeble. Ofcourse I have to document it.

28 january


This comic is not fiction! We had almost exactly this conversation and then shenanigans happened. 
(Moa have been nagging on me constantly to draw it and now I finally did)
P.S. Sorry for making you look like a serial killer in the last frame, Moa. D.S.

28 january





We haven’t done so much work done these weeks; we’re both incredibly busy these first weeks of the new year. Moa is trying to get in shape for applying to the police school or military and I have so much work I’m practically laying in a pool of my own sweat in the evenings. And we’ve been busy in the weekends when we usually get the most work done. We’re both pretty busy this weekend also but we’ll see if we have some time to skype tomorrow.


But we’re almost done with chapter 2 (thank so much for the comments as usual!) and we’ve started to work on chapter 3. The thing is that we don’t have as a clear idea what’s going to happen until the big build up at the spectacular ending!


We’ve been pretty slow on the design apartment at the moment, since we’re trying to focus on the script, but here’s a reference pic for Vincent that Moa wanted me to upload so we’ll get some eye candy in here.


Oh lala!


When I counted the script for chapters 1 and 2 it’s all together 77 pages!!! And I’m the cutter who tries to tell Moa that we soon will have to kill our darling with a chainsaw. As for now, the book will contain 12 chapters.

21 january


I always forget about the blog when we're working so Moa have to constantly remind me of updating it.

(I want apologise beforehand because I have no spell-check at the moment)


We haven't done such tremendous things these weeks, Moa's sick for example (everybody's sick right now) but we do have sent out chapter 2 for feedback and we already got amazing feedback on chapter one!

A huge thank you to everybody who takes time to read our script and give us constructive reviews, you rock! <3

I have also done some research about the powers are characters are gonna have. Funny thing is that 4 of the powers are under the term psychokinesis, I had no idea. But mostly I've just read about how DC and Marvel impersonate similar powers in their comics.


Also: our financial problems are no more! Well, sorta, but we do have a solid plan B in case things don't work out so THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING YOU GUYS! IT'S TRULY AN ACHIEVABLE DREAM! FUCK YEAH WE RULE ILOVEYOUMOAWE'RESOOOAWESOOOOME!!!!!



Sorry about the outburst of overconfidence, but you do need to boost your ego sometimes if you want to do these things. Otherwise there's a possibility you don't think it's worth it.

(but it totally is!)

21 January


A little treat. I feel genereous.

9 January


Me and Lotta at the beginning of this exciting adventure (well actually we had been talking about the project for about a year before this photo was taken, but it was around this time that it had started to get serious. We had just begun writing for real and I guess we were both filled with a sort of 'now or never' feeling. We get like that)



Well, not really, but he have deleted and added a few tracks. Better than nothing!



We're back! 

We kind of had a forced break during December because Moa got eye surgery (yikes!) and I was sick a lot and then there were the obligatory lazy holidays. But now we're back with new energy

Our new year’s resolution is to finish the script completely. We will hopefully also soon start to look at stipendiums, donation and funding’s so we can finance our dream (why is money such a big issue when it comes to everything that's fun?). If Joss Whedon happens to read this; please contact us immediately!

Today was the first writing session of 2013 and we have discussed chapter 3, made new to-do lists, talked about the upcoming website(!!!), cleaned up the Spotify list, worked on the pipeline and been eating a shit ton of carrots.

We also started talking about what to name our company and then Moa broke the insanely good idea to call us Titmouse! After this comic by the brilliant Curt Franklin and Chris Haley:


But then, of course, there IS already a famous company making cartoons called Titmouse Inc.

What are the odds? We cried for half an hour and then ate some more carrots.

Since Moa and I already have made a promise that we will finish this comic no matter what, look forward to a 2013 when things will really start to happen! Who knows, in a year from now, its maybe already being sketched?


24 November


An old design of Molly
Today we have gone over the individual work we have put in this week. Combining the scenes that Lotta have written with the ones that I have done. Chapter two is coming together nicely, and shortly we will have more for our lovely feedback-readers to digest. The to-do lists are really working out well, and it is something we are definetely going to keep up. (We have already written the to-do's for next week). We have also named chapter two! As of today, chapter two is called 'Strangers'. Yaaay!

Today we also had Mathias with us. He tagged along and is now enjoying the latest book in the Song of ice and fire series while listening to us cackle. 
There is also some new songs on the spotify list! Enjoy!
Our number one fan (it's probably a tie between him and Bella haha)

20 november


A trinity sketch of Molly, Leah and Alisha.

19 november


Happens every f*cking time
(also, first original comic strip concerning the project!! I'll try to do more...)

Soooooooo! This weekend my little brother came to visit me, which was awesome. Lotta came over and we watched Young Justice and a lot of animated Batman (and drank obscene amounts of Julmust. It can't be healthy). Although it was really nice and I wish I could spend this kind of quality time with my kid brother a lot more often, it meant that Lotta and myself didn't get a lot of time to work on the superheroes project this weekend. We managed to sneak in some time while I got my brother hooked on Skyrim (I have taken it upon myself to save him from his call-of-duty-teabagging-ways), but that mostly resulted in minor changes in chapter 1 and 2, so, nothing major. 
Some things are happening in the project though. We do have a deadline coming up this saturday, when chapter 2 is supposed to be finished. We have divided the work and as of now I am the one who'll probably get my ass handed to me this weekend because I AM WAY BEHIND! But I'm sure Lotta will forgive me since I am still battling my jetlag. I hate jetlag. 
Also, yesterday we sent away chapter 1 for the first feedback run. Our lovely friends Bella and Neo is helping us out this time with great feedback and comments. We love you guys.

Also, I wanna send a virtual hug to my boyfriend Mathias, who is constantly reading what we come up with and who always takes the time to comment and give us good feedback. I know I speak for both myself and Lotta when I say: YOU'RE AWESOME! Thanks for the support!
Moa out

27 october


Since Moa is chillin on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, I am all alone in Sweden (IT SNOWED! IT FRIKKIN SNOWED YESTERDAY) staring at our to-do list and trying not to fall asleep as the sun is starting to set (time now is 16:20). I've at least fixed one of the problems with chapter 2 and tomorrow I'm meeting up with my sister to do some research about psychiatry (why do I create such unnecessary complex characters?). Also, I’m designing the goddam mansion (I can’t believe Moa trusted me with this). And also the luxurious ski-lodge. Me – who doesn’t even draw backgrounds because of some disconnection in my brain about the understanding of perspective.



I’ve also found some new  cool songs for the soundtrack (thank you 4chan) that I yet haven’t looked up on Spotify though. Unfortunately I can’t update the playlist right now since it’s on Moas user so you’ll have to wait until she get home (I expect presents!).


Gah!  I’m already distracted (no more 4chan, I promise!). Well, now I have to draw Richie and  Ninas apartment before I will take a break that will last for the rest of the evening.