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24 November

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An old design of Molly
Today we have gone over the individual work we have put in this week. Combining the scenes that Lotta have written with the ones that I have done. Chapter two is coming together nicely, and shortly we will have more for our lovely feedback-readers to digest. The to-do lists are really working out well, and it is something we are definetely going to keep up. (We have already written the to-do's for next week). We have also named chapter two! As of today, chapter two is called 'Strangers'. Yaaay!

Today we also had Mathias with us. He tagged along and is now enjoying the latest book in the Song of ice and fire series while listening to us cackle. 
There is also some new songs on the spotify list! Enjoy!
Our number one fan (it's probably a tie between him and Bella haha)

20 november

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A trinity sketch of Molly, Leah and Alisha.

19 november

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Happens every f*cking time
(also, first original comic strip concerning the project!! I'll try to do more...)

Soooooooo! This weekend my little brother came to visit me, which was awesome. Lotta came over and we watched Young Justice and a lot of animated Batman (and drank obscene amounts of Julmust. It can't be healthy). Although it was really nice and I wish I could spend this kind of quality time with my kid brother a lot more often, it meant that Lotta and myself didn't get a lot of time to work on the superheroes project this weekend. We managed to sneak in some time while I got my brother hooked on Skyrim (I have taken it upon myself to save him from his call-of-duty-teabagging-ways), but that mostly resulted in minor changes in chapter 1 and 2, so, nothing major. 
Some things are happening in the project though. We do have a deadline coming up this saturday, when chapter 2 is supposed to be finished. We have divided the work and as of now I am the one who'll probably get my ass handed to me this weekend because I AM WAY BEHIND! But I'm sure Lotta will forgive me since I am still battling my jetlag. I hate jetlag. 
Also, yesterday we sent away chapter 1 for the first feedback run. Our lovely friends Bella and Neo is helping us out this time with great feedback and comments. We love you guys.

Also, I wanna send a virtual hug to my boyfriend Mathias, who is constantly reading what we come up with and who always takes the time to comment and give us good feedback. I know I speak for both myself and Lotta when I say: YOU'RE AWESOME! Thanks for the support!
Moa out