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20 October

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Trying to upload a logo for the blog but it akjfbakhjfvhkg<aesdmafjvfhensvfjehsbeavKAJBFHAEBFAKHBEFHEBE!!!!!!
fuck you internet.
Except the logo hickup, we've been somewhat productive this weekend. We've decided on a design/layout for the ski lodge in chapter 3 (the main location in that chapter), the design/layout for Jamie Hernandez apartment and we've also written a lot on the last scene in chapter 2, which is really the major scene in that chapter. We figure it's gonna take up about a third of the chapter and it includes a lot of important dialogues that we just need to get right. 
Since Moa is going to Tobago this wednesday and will be gone a little over two weeks we've also done individual to-do lists containing the work we're suppose to finish while we're apart, which ranges between finishing design/layout for the remaining characters homes and some key locations, finishing the map over North Haven city and finish writing scenes in chapter 2 and 1.
P.S. Moa just farted with her mouth! Ahahaha I'm not the only one! D.S.


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