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We're back! 

We kind of had a forced break during December because Moa got eye surgery (yikes!) and I was sick a lot and then there were the obligatory lazy holidays. But now we're back with new energy

Our new year’s resolution is to finish the script completely. We will hopefully also soon start to look at stipendiums, donation and funding’s so we can finance our dream (why is money such a big issue when it comes to everything that's fun?). If Joss Whedon happens to read this; please contact us immediately!

Today was the first writing session of 2013 and we have discussed chapter 3, made new to-do lists, talked about the upcoming website(!!!), cleaned up the Spotify list, worked on the pipeline and been eating a shit ton of carrots.

We also started talking about what to name our company and then Moa broke the insanely good idea to call us Titmouse! After this comic by the brilliant Curt Franklin and Chris Haley:

But then, of course, there IS already a famous company making cartoons called Titmouse Inc.

What are the odds? We cried for half an hour and then ate some more carrots.

Since Moa and I already have made a promise that we will finish this comic no matter what, look forward to a 2013 when things will really start to happen! Who knows, in a year from now, its maybe already being sketched?



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