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24 February

Kategori: Allmänt

So today we have been incorporating the latest feedback and rewriting the outline of chapter 2: strangers. We are very pleased with the result. We've overcome certain obstacles that seemed impossible, so, we are extremely proud of ourselves. We deserve cookies.
We have also discussed chapter 3 and added some stuff to the outline. And ofcourse we have written new to-do lists. Oh and by the way, we are sorry for not updating the blog these last weeks. I have been battling Reapers and saving the galaxy (damn you Bioware!), and Lotta is helpless without my firm guidance.
We also watched melodifestivalen (swedish eurovision etcetc) because Lotta likes that shit.

The latest fabulous outline
Lotta is sick and feeble. Ofcourse I have to document it.


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