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28 january

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We haven’t done so much work done these weeks; we’re both incredibly busy these first weeks of the new year. Moa is trying to get in shape for applying to the police school or military and I have so much work I’m practically laying in a pool of my own sweat in the evenings. And we’ve been busy in the weekends when we usually get the most work done. We’re both pretty busy this weekend also but we’ll see if we have some time to skype tomorrow.


But we’re almost done with chapter 2 (thank so much for the comments as usual!) and we’ve started to work on chapter 3. The thing is that we don’t have as a clear idea what’s going to happen until the big build up at the spectacular ending!


We’ve been pretty slow on the design apartment at the moment, since we’re trying to focus on the script, but here’s a reference pic for Vincent that Moa wanted me to upload so we’ll get some eye candy in here.


Oh lala!


When I counted the script for chapters 1 and 2 it’s all together 77 pages!!! And I’m the cutter who tries to tell Moa that we soon will have to kill our darling with a chainsaw. As for now, the book will contain 12 chapters.


  • Moa säger:

    NOOOOOO! not my baby!

    2013-01-28 | 20:16:53
  • CaptainAwesome säger:

    The more the merrier!!

    Svar: Indeed, indeed!

    2013-02-24 | 16:52:00

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