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16 april

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Wow, I didn't see Moas lame joke until now. Good one, Moa… I think I’ll write the funny segments in the comic from now on.

Anyway! We’re still working even though we’re pretty busy all the time till may (at least me). And that I’m totally obsessed with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon just isn’t helping (but seriously, check it out! It’s aaaawesome!)


Here’s an old picture of our blu-tack that looked like a chameleon.


Right? Right? We’re not the only ones!


Our script also contains more than 30 000 letters!


And that’s just chapter 1-3.


Seriously, where will this end?

We will also divide chapter 2 into two separate chapters, it’s just too long. We’ll probably have to do this with more parts of the story later on.

We have also (after many months of thinking) decided on a new name for the comic! It wasn’t obvious but we have let it sink in and now it fits! We’ll see if we can get a proper website and logo soon (Moa and Mathias are in the middle of moving to a new place),


A while ago we both made a pink dip-and-dye, it was awesome.



Nowadays Moas hair’s back to her natural color while I let the pink totally take over.




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