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24 Mars

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Soooooooooo a lot of stuff has happened!
My mom turned 50 so we all went to austria and skiied (an occupation I find very similar to jumping off cliffs or throwing oneself in front of trains, because they make me feel kind of the same way...yes I jump in front of trains all the time. It's just a hobby of mine.) Anyway, I survived to write another day, so I guess in the end it's all well and good. ALSO, I myself turned 23, or as lotta would put it: I am now one step closer to death (she is such a charmer).
My point is, there really hasn't been much time for writing. Lotta has been making some progress and I crammed in some writing at the hotel in Filzmoos, Austria, but basically, we just haven't gotten that far these past weeks. But that's gonna change now. I am older, and therefore wiser, and we just finished the final outline for chapter 3, and started on the outline for chapter 4. We also conjured up a new direction for chapter 4 which we are very pleased with. 
Bottom line: things are progressing.
We also realized today that this is the longest creative project we have ever been working on (in our free time), we are pushing into our second year, and to be frank, I myself find this fact utterly amazing. We'll make it to the finish line, buddy! I just know it :)
Peace out
OH! And don't forget the spotify list! It's coming together nicely!


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