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21 january

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I always forget about the blog when we're working so Moa have to constantly remind me of updating it.

(I want apologise beforehand because I have no spell-check at the moment)


We haven't done such tremendous things these weeks, Moa's sick for example (everybody's sick right now) but we do have sent out chapter 2 for feedback and we already got amazing feedback on chapter one!

A huge thank you to everybody who takes time to read our script and give us constructive reviews, you rock! <3

I have also done some research about the powers are characters are gonna have. Funny thing is that 4 of the powers are under the term psychokinesis, I had no idea. But mostly I've just read about how DC and Marvel impersonate similar powers in their comics.


Also: our financial problems are no more! Well, sorta, but we do have a solid plan B in case things don't work out so THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING YOU GUYS! IT'S TRULY AN ACHIEVABLE DREAM! FUCK YEAH WE RULE ILOVEYOUMOAWE'RESOOOAWESOOOOME!!!!!



Sorry about the outburst of overconfidence, but you do need to boost your ego sometimes if you want to do these things. Otherwise there's a possibility you don't think it's worth it.

(but it totally is!)


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