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27 october

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Since Moa is chillin on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, I am all alone in Sweden (IT SNOWED! IT FRIKKIN SNOWED YESTERDAY) staring at our to-do list and trying not to fall asleep as the sun is starting to set (time now is 16:20). I've at least fixed one of the problems with chapter 2 and tomorrow I'm meeting up with my sister to do some research about psychiatry (why do I create such unnecessary complex characters?). Also, I’m designing the goddam mansion (I can’t believe Moa trusted me with this). And also the luxurious ski-lodge. Me – who doesn’t even draw backgrounds because of some disconnection in my brain about the understanding of perspective.



I’ve also found some new  cool songs for the soundtrack (thank you 4chan) that I yet haven’t looked up on Spotify though. Unfortunately I can’t update the playlist right now since it’s on Moas user so you’ll have to wait until she get home (I expect presents!).


Gah!  I’m already distracted (no more 4chan, I promise!). Well, now I have to draw Richie and  Ninas apartment before I will take a break that will last for the rest of the evening.




  • Moa säger:

    "I expect preseeents"
    It's good to know what the expectations of me is, ahaha

    good work updating the blog!! You go girl!

    2012-11-03 | 16:02:15

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