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Work: Day 1

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Not really day 1 (since that would probably count as someday at the fall 2011) but at least it’s the first day we’re blogging about work!

Moa thought a timesheet was a good idea so we would get some overview at what we’re doing and it’s working pretty sweet!


Moa cuts and writes, I take pictures

Initially we only had one document that we wrote everything on. Then we jumped right to the script and then Moa started writing an outline before we decided to make a timesheet instead. It’s much easier to decide what’s going to happen and then Moa can write the dialogues later (she’s good at that).




...and traditional!

After our argument over the layout was decided by rockpaperscissors(Moa won) our outline is now long scrolls… maybe we should make them look like the Torah.


Moa is cursing me for cutting too thin strips.



Look how awesome it ended up! That’s about half chapter 1 but we finished it all some days later. Unfortunately we don’t have that documented since we actually mostly just spaced out and drooled and ate fruit salad.


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